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Carpet Types

Consideration when purchasing a new floor covering.
Whether you are buying a classic floor covering or modern contemporary be sure you select a product that not only suits your budget but its life expectancy in you house.
How long are you staying in your current home.
How long do you need this floor covering to last.
How many people live in your home.
How many pets do you have, it is considered one dog causes the same wear and tear as four young children.
Flooring is no different to anything else make sure the preparation is correct. Prepare the floor and use the correct underlay.
Ensure the people fitting your carpet are following British Standards BS5325 2001 each retailer should own a copy to refer to.
Carpet Types

Loop Pile

Berber - Berber carpets look like and are named after a handmade bulky wool carpet made by Berber tribes of North Africa and Asia. The loops are made from thick or bulky yarns of wool, nylon,polypropylene or a blend of these fibres to give a cushioned effect underfoot. These carpets are available in an assortment of colours and may be flecked and can be either level loop or multilevel loop.

Level Loop - When all the loops are of the same height, a highly flexible and durable carpet is created which has a natural, casual appearance even when (commonly) it is made from synthetic fibres. The tight loop texture tends to hide marks so it's a good blend between luxury and practicality.

Multi-Level Loop - The loops vary to two or sometimes three loop heights to create informal, random textures which are very forgiving for marks and stains and therefore very suitable for high traffic areas and busy family rooms.

Cut Pile

Frieze - Frieze (pronounced free-say) carpets are similar to Saxony, but the yarns are more tightly twisted and should always be heat set. They have a dense, low pile surface, which creates a coarse, pebbly texture. Frieze carpets are very durable and hide footprints, dust and dirt, which makes them suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Saxony - Saxony textures are made of twisted yarns, which should be heat set. The tips remain very distinct, rather than blending together to form a very elegant finish. Saxony textures show footprints and vacuum marks so are suitable for more occasional rooms in the home. More textured variations improve the practicality of saxonies.

Twist - The popular twist carpet is the cut-pile standard. The yarn is tightly twisted and often heatset to retain this feature and the result is a versatile, textured finish that is ideal for plain colours.

Velvet - Velvet textures (sometime called 'velour' or 'plush') all have a level surface pile of approx 5mm to 10mm height, which is then sheared to give a smooth finish. With very little twist in the yarn, the ends blend together which then further enhances the overall finish. These carpets tend to 'shade' with heavy use. Footprints show easily and the colour looks different from place to place because fibres lying in different directions reflect the light differently. A luxury for occasional rooms.

Cut & Loop

Shag Pile - Shag pile has varied in popularity. The pile is up to 50mm long and the texture is casual and loose but the surface flattens easily and lacks durability.